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What’s new in June – including the latest green energy roles with NRL

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What’s new in June – including the latest green energy roles with NRL

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

We’re passionate about supporting our candidates to find the next best step in their careers - from exploring roles on wind turbine projects to developing new emerging green energy technology. The world’s future energy mix will provide so many job opportunities across a wealth of sectors.

Take a look at some of the latest net zero roles we’re supporting our clients with:


We're currently recruiting for an advanced global designer and manufacturer of subsea control solutions. Operating across several technology areas, They specialize in subsea trenching, work class ROVs, submerged mining and vessel deck equipment, as well as providing a range of subsea components through the Curvetech brand.


We have an opportunity to join our client's Mechanical Engineering department and utilise your skills and expertise across a range of domestic and international projects, starting in the bid phase, continuing through to award, start up and execution.


We're looking for Civil Engineers to contribute to a billion-dollar, international, large chemicals processing facility project being delivered from our client's London office. The project will contribute towards European energy transition targets through the delivery of sustainable battery materials for transportation.


Do you want to work for a leading global company on a journey to net zero emissions? A company who are accelerating growth in renewables, embracing the need for change and new opportunities that lie within the transition of the global energy markets? We're proud to present the opportunity for a Plant Manager to work with our esteemed client, Equinor. 

*Please note: job opportunities indicated above are live vacancies, last updated at the time this article was published.

Interested in searching for more green energy roles?

Head over to our website to search for the latest net zero opportunities to develop your career:​

Did you know?

There’s such a thing as being too windy for wind turbines to operate. Typically turbines operate between a minimum and maximum speed, not enough power in the wind and they won’t turn – but when the gusts are too strong, the turbine will power off. Across the world, we’ve seen for generations the magnitude of damage stormy weather can cause – from hurricanes to tsunamis. It’s crucial that the brakes are applied to the blades when bad weather picks up to protect the turbine and avoid hefty financial damage to infrastructure.

Find out more about NRL’s own environmental progress as a carbon neutral business.

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