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Employer of Record

For organisations looking to expand their service capability globally, our Employer of Record solution allows businesses to hire the right people in-country, without the complexities of establishing a new business entity.

Expand your globalcapability with an Employer of Record partnership

As organisations continue to develop wider geographical expertise across the globe, it’s a complex process to establish all the documentation required to trade in each country. To support projects an Employer of Record (EoR) solution, in partnership with NRL, allows organisations to engage talent in countries through a well-established internationally trading recruitment specialist.

We work with organisations to compliantly hire candidates under salaried solutions in overseas jurisdictions, removing the requirement for them to open new in-country entities. That’s because NRL, through its international partner network, engages the worker on our clients’ behalf with a locally registered company who are appointed as the Employer of Record. Managing the necessary paperwork required for them to work compliantly in the country, processing payroll and tax deductions and working in line with all local employment laws. Leaving our clients to focus on the day-to-day operational management of their projects.

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Global Employer of Record solutions

Our EoR solutions cover the full employee journey, from onboarding to offboarding. As well as managing their employment on behalf of our clients, in line with in-country legislative requirements.

  • Employee onboarding

  • Visa & work permit assistance (where applicable)

  • Documentation compliance checks

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee benefits

  • Statutory benefits

  • Payroll processing

  • Payroll taxation

  • In-country support

  • Understanding of local employment laws/regulations

  • Translation and interpreting

  • Offboarding and terminations

Helping you to employ more people internationally to support an expanded global portfolio, whilst reducing the costs and timescales involved in establishing new in-country entities.

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Developing compliant solutions in over 70countries

Our International team have extensive knowledge of global compliance and regularly coordinate complex international project requirements.

They work with local in-country experts to hire salaried candidates on behalf of our clients, whilst actively managing potential risks by understanding that each country has a distinctly different way of operating when it comes to employment legislation and taxation.

Whether clients already know the candidates they want to place, but need the support to legally engage them, or are looking for a full resourcing and global EoR solution – NRL’s international team are always on hand. 

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Request more information

If you’re looking to expand your business internationally and would like to discuss how a global Employer of Record solution could help your organisation operate in new territories, then share your details below.

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“Thank you very much for very professional and easy assignment process. Everything was very precise. My employment process started with a short online meeting, where I was explained all the details and was answered all my questions. After that I received a letter with the details of my further actions. Everything was done very fast and without tons of forms and applications. Very grateful for your professional approach.”

International worker engaged through NRL