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Spotlight on: Sizewell C

Once operational, Sizewell C will have the capacity to power approximately 6 million homes, thanks to its 3.2 gigawatts of power generation capability. It’s a gigantic feat of engineering, that will provide career opportunities for thousands of people.

Latest job vacancies on Sizewell C

We’re already supporting our clients to find the right people and skills to undertake construction and engineering work for Sizewell C, as well as helping them to grow their workforce in readiness to support this high-profile project.

Available roles will regularly change, and if you can’t find one that suits your skills and expertise below, then submit your details and our teams will register your interest.

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Building Sizewell C

A large-scale project of this size will require hundreds of different suppliers, providing plenty of opportunity for people to get involved with Sizewell C over the coming years.

What is Sizewell C?

Sizewell C is the latest nuclear new build project, situated close to Sizewell B. Its 3.2 gigawatts capacity design is based on the new Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, that’s currently under construction, with expectations for more than 70,000 jobs across the length of the project.

Located in East Suffolk, the project is expected to benefit businesses and workers from across the UK, thanks to the nuclear industry’s wide-reaching supply chain.

Why is Sizewell C being built?

More clean energy production capacity is needed to meet net zero goals, and the new generation of nuclear fleet under construction for EDF Energy aims to increase nuclear energy production capacity whilst providing a greener alternative to rebalance our reliance on fossil fuel.

Interested in working on Sizewell C?

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Career opportunities in nuclear new build

At NRL we’ve supported the nuclear industry since 1983, providing the specialist and niche engineering skills needed to bring nuclear new build projects to life.

Typical roles we’ve worked with our clients to recruit onto nuclear construction projects such as Sizewell C include Cost Engineer, BIM Lead, Baseline and Change Manager, Project Engineer.

We’re always looking to hear from people who have a wide range of engineering and technical skills and are interested in working on high-profile projects such as Sizewell C.

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Proud to support Sizewell C

When planning first began for Sizewell C, the sister nuclear power station of Hinkley Point C, we were delighted to be one of the first engineering recruitment specialists to join the Sizewell C Consortium. Now over 200 businesses from across the nuclear supply chain are members, with a united mission to ensure that people across the UK can benefit from the vast opportunities Sizewell C will bring – not just within the East Suffolk region, but across the country.

“NRL has seen first-hand for over 40 years the positive impact nuclear projects like Sizewell C have on Britain’s workforce.
Sizewell C will provide long-term career opportunities not just for existing nuclear workers, but for the entire supply chain – as well as opening doors for those new to nuclear new build.”

David Redmayne, CEO, NRL


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​I recently had the pleasure of working with NRL Recruitment. From start to finish, they were incredibly quick, wasting no time in getting things done. Their team was not only professional but also very supportive, ensuring that everything went smoothly. I highly recommend NRL Recruitment to anyone looking for a seamless and efficient recruitment experience.

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