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NAECI Innovation and Expertise

We’re extremely proud of our industry-leading reputation for providing compliant and innovative NAECI recruitment and payroll solutions to Category 1, 2 and 3 sites.

Our industry leading approach to NAECI

We’ve worked with contracting companies since 2008, to help them navigate the complex requirements for operating on National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) sites.

Our team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of the regulations, having managed over 5,000 workers on major engineering projects with 100% compliance.

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Comprehensive project management support

Our specialist team support principal and sub-contractors to understand their labour requirements. Supporting with their commercial framework and providing recruitment solutions to secure the best skilled workforce.

To ensure operations conform with regulations, our in-house compliance team manage a weekly NAECI payroll. Including making accurate tax, holiday, expense and sick pay calculations, whilst facilitating pension and welfare services.

Onsite support to proactively encourage three-way communication between contracting companies, trade unions and workers helps ensure the project is delivered without unnecessary delays or conflict.

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A long-standing history of NAECI compliance

Our clients have trusted us to deliver NAECI compliance across major projects such as the construction of Carrington, Ferrybridge Multifuels, TeesREP, Pembroke, Staythorpe and Keadby 2 power stations.

With hundreds of workers on-site, our experts ensure everyone understands the working agreement, and what they can expect during their employment.

To support on-site compliance, close liaison with the project auditor and all stakeholders ensures all regulations are met.

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Delivering NAECI expertise

We understand that conforming to NAECI regulations is about much more than just recruitment. Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions designed around compliance, audited payroll and working with the industrial relations team on-site.

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At Tecnicas Reunidas we were aware of the complexity of the NAECI working rule agreement and the impact it could have on our subcontractors if they didn’t have prior experience working on NAECI projects.

We were keen to maintain a high level of productivity and good industrial relations on the project, so were pleased to be able to utilise NRL’s extensive NAECI expertise to establish a compliance service. Their project team worked well with our subcontractors who were inexperienced in working under NAECI, helping with their introduction onto the project. They conducted competency checking prior to the mobilisation of the workforce and assisted in the induction process onto the site which helped improve the flow of workers onto the project.

Tony Lloyd, Industrial Relations Manager, Technicas Reunidas