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Spotlight on: Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C (HPC), is the UK’s first Nuclear New Build project to be commissioned since 1995. Technology and engineering has moved on a lot since then though, and the state-of-the-art 3,260 MW station is expected to be completed in 2027.

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Advancing Nuclear power

HPC will become the newest power station on the Bridgwater, Somerset, site once operational. With owners EDF announcing the existing Hinkley Point B stopped producing power in August 2022 and is now going through the decommissioning process..

Development for the UK’s most advanced Nuclear power station has already seen more than 22,000 job opportunities created so far.

Three million tonnes of concrete and 230,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement will be used to build the site. Once operational, the two EPR reactors will generate 6% of the nation’s electricity.

Supporting the construction of Hinkley Point C

​Extensive work is taking place to accommodate HPC, including a purpose-built residential campus for temporary construction workers, as well as a £16m investment in road and infrastructure upgrades to manage the increase in the traffic the site will generate.

Initiatives have also been set up to provide training programmes and partnerships with businesses to help young adults in the Somerset region with the science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills needed to take up a future at HPC. The target was to create 1,000 apprenticeships during the construction phase. The project’s number of apprentices is rising, with more than 920 already trained.

The new power station has been designed to generate nuclear power for 60 years, with decommissioning expected to take around 20 years – meaning a career at HPC can provide a wealth of opportunity and job security for you and your family.

Hinkley Point C Snapshot

  • HPC is the third operation at EDF Energy’s Hinkley site.

  • Hinkley Point A, now decommissioned, provided power to the nation until 1999.

  • Hinkley Point B, now in the decommissioning phase, was the UK’s first Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor when it began generating power in 1976.

  • HPC will create a new 3,200 MWe nuclear station with two EPR reactors – three million tonnes of concrete and 230,000 tonnes of steel reinforcements will be used in the construction process.

  • 25,000 employment opportunities estimated during construction and operation

  • Designed to offset 9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year

  • HPC has a 60-year lifespan

  • 15,000 job opportunities expected on site

  • 3,800 British businesses are working on HPC

  • £24 million invested directly into education, skills and employment

  • £18 billion total projected economic value to the UK

  • 98% of the steel reinforcement used at HPC is recycled

  • 50% carbon emissions cut by using the jetty rather than roads

a view of Hinkley power station with cranes

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