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Case Study: Ferrybridge

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Case Study: Ferrybridge

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Ensuring 100% NAECI compliance

Multiple contractors onsite were unfamiliar with blue book working rules, requiring significant support from NRL to effectively navigate the national collective agreement and satisfy all stakeholders.

With hundreds of job roles required to complete the build, all workers needed standard terms of pay, numeration and working conditions.

No candidates could be placed on the project without being engaged under NAECI, and all recruitment and payroll operations needed to be fully compliant for stakeholder auditing.

A robust recruitment process

NRL’s project expertise, gained on a significant number of high-profile NAECI category sites, provided a proven recruitment application, screening and onboarding programme to ensure compliance.

Understanding that workers new to NAECI need to fully understand the regulations, our project team opened an on-site office to provide face-to-face support to workers and trade union representatives throughout the project build.

After receiving 3,550 applications, and undertaking 1,550 interviews to engage 520 workers, compliance and security clearance checks were completed for each worker. Our experienced in-house NAECI payroll team ensured all worker calculations were accurately made and compliant with auditing criteria.

Delivering project success

Our project team worked in partnership with build contractors to share project goals and meet rigid performance measures - including ensuring 100% compliance with NAECI regulations.

A targeted recruitment campaign helped secure a diverse mix of local and nationwide skilled labour, with 70% of applicants receiving a job offer following successful interview.

Making sense of NAECI

“For those clients new to NAECI working regulations, it’s often complex to understand and awkward to set up compliant processes. Our on-site team, supported by NRL’s NAECI payroll experienced team back in our branch, were able to support principal contractors to ensure all workers were engaged throughout the project with zero compliance issues and positive feedback from site stakeholders.”

Greg Compton, NRL Group Director

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