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​Human Factors Consultant Jobs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Human Factors Consultant

In the engineering sector, a Human Factors Consultant is dedicated to optimising human performance and safety through the understanding and application of ergonomic principles in the design of products, processes, and systems. To qualify as a Human Factors Consultant, one often requires a degree in human factors engineering, ergonomics, or a related discipline, complemented by skills in user-centred design and risk assessment.

Companies seeking a Human Factors Consultant typically expect candidates to have experience in applying human factors methodologies in an engineering context, demonstrating how their insights have enhanced system performance and user well-being. The role of a Human Factors Consultant is also characterised by effective communication, as they must articulate complex concepts both to interdisciplinary teams and non-specialist stakeholders.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), located in the Middle East, is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and economic influence. It has a population of 0ver 35 million people and is home to the two holiest cities in Islam, it plays a key role in the global energy market due to its abundant oil reserves.

The KSA features a robust engineering sector crucial for economic growth and infrastructure development. Government initiatives like Vision 2030 offer ample investment opportunities for both local and international firms, driving industry growth. Engineering services cover diverse fields like construction and infrastructure, presenting great prospects for firms keen on tapping into Saudi Arabia's flourishing engineering landscape.