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Joiner Jobs


A Joiner works within the construction and engineering industry to provide trade support for projects and buildings, or within a manufacturing environment. The role of a Joiner is to create and install a variety of wooden structures that are integral to many buildings. These wooden structures can include, windows, doors, furniture and many more. 

The role of a joiner involves multiple duties which includes understanding technical drawings and blueprints, calculating and creating design drawings, measuring and marking wood according to technical designs and blueprints, cutting wood using a range of equipment including machines or hand tools.

Their work can be complex and requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. Requirements for becoming a Joiner include strong maths and technical skills, good manual dexterity, the ability to understand and follow technical blueprints and the ability to think laterally about the problem to solve it. 

A Joiner can sometimes work in a facilities management team, to deliver ad-hoc joinery work across a site or number of buildings when required. Other specialist roles include a Shuttering Joiner and Outfitter Joiner. A Joiner will typically hold an apprenticeship qualification or be employed under an apprenticeship training programme to learn the skills needed for the role.