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In Review: Beatrice Wind Farm

When work began to construct Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, NRL’s recruitment expertise provided a prompt and timely solution to help with fabrication work and ensure compliance.

Managing challenging project labour requirements

NRL’s Falkirk branch were asked to support a local company requiring a large volume of skilled contractors to undertake fabrication work for the project. Operations needed scaling up to manage project demands and support their core workforce.

The highly regulated industry however, had strict requirements to work on site and formal production deadlines to meet.

Sourcing and onboarding over 1,300 contractors, whilst adhering to these strict safety regulations, raised a complex challenge. The team’s proven expertise and knowledge of the local labour market however proved vital and helped ensure all project milestones were achieved.

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Developing a flexible resource plan

In a very short space of time labour requirements were identified, the sourcing of candidates and screening was coordinated, and a comprehensive onboarding plan was developed.

To ensure full compliance, coding certificates and industry qualifications needed to be verified for every contractor engaged on the project. To clear them to work on-site, medical screening and induction programmes needed to be coordinated and collated to retain for health and safety purposes.

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Ensuring project success

To ensure the client was satisfied with the quality of the labour provided, and contractors were happy and engaged on-site, the Recruitment team also attended regular site visits. Providing telephone and face-to-face contractor support.

The result: 1,300 contractors engaged and screened to fully meet project demands, ensuring the client was able to deliver their project to the highest of standards and to the strict supply chain timescales.

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Meeting the challenge

“When clients are looking for a speedy scale up of their operations to manage large-volume projects, compliance is always key. Our expert team have the extensive knowledge of the local area to secure the right skills and people to undertake the work. Ensuring they operate within strict safety regulations, is a complex job that requires a great deal of planning and coordination.”

Mhairi Brown, NRL Branch Director
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I am pleased and proud to have worked for NRL on a number of projects. They are very professional, whoever they engage with. Highly recommended.