Hinkley Point C Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Hinkley Point C

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Frequently asked questions about Hinkley Point C

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

To help candidates considering applying for roles on Hinkley Point C, we answer the main questions about this high-profile project.

​What is Hinkley Point C?

  • Hinkley Point C is a new Power Station under construction in Bridgwater, Somerset.

  • Two Nuclear reactors are being constructed, this is the first of a new generation of power stations that provide low-carbon electricity to the United Kingdom. Hinkley Point C will provide this low-carbon energy to over 6 million UK homes.

  • Hinkley Point B, which is expected to be decommissioned by July 2022, started generating power back in 1976. It was the first Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor in the United Kingdom.

  • Today, Hinkley Point B employs 535 full-time EDF Energy workers with over 220 contract partners.

  • Hinkley Point A was decommissioned in 2000 after providing the UK with Nuclear power since 1965.

Why is Hinkley Point C being built?

The Government has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2025, this is in comparison to the emission levels of 1990.

The electricity that will be generated by Hinkley Point will help support the Government’s emission reduction targets. Nuclear power is a low-carbon alternative to generating electricity that will support the government’s decarbonisation target.

When did construction start on Hinkley Point C?

Construction of Hinkley Point C started in June 2016 following approval by the European Commission in October 2014.

When will Hinkley Point C be completed?

It’s expected to start generating power by 2025.

Do I need previous experience in the Nuclear industry to apply for a job at Hinkley Point C?

The Nuclear new-build sector has a lot more to offer than just Nuclear engineering roles.

In the current Nuclear new-build market, there are several varied roles required including logistics, construction and planning.

Who manages Hinkley Point C?

EDF Energy manages all existing Hinkley Point power stations.

Several engineering and construction companies will be involved during the construction stage. Including a partnership with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce to secure work for local companies.

Where is Hinkley Point C?

EDF’s Nuclear power stations are located in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Where can I find more information about relocating?

We've created a handy guide, which you can download below.

​Somerset relocation guide