How Do I Apply For A Role Overseas

How do I apply for an overseas role?

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How do I apply for an overseas role?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

​If you’re looking to work abroad you’ll need to secure that next big role, so we’ve pulled together a few handy tips.

Find the right role to apply for

Work with your recruitment agency to identify the best roles that fit your skills. Be open to the opportunity of working in countries that weren’t necessarily on your bucket list – they’ll often be able to place you in countries where demand for your skills are high and help you boost your CV.

Perfect your CV

If you’re looking for your first role abroad you’ll need to be able to show your ability to adapt and experience working on various projects. This will let Recruiters know that you’re able to fit into new situations and work with various types of people.

If you’re familiar with any languages make sure you add them to your CV. Even if it’s not the native language for the country you’re looking to work in the overseas job markets is extremely diverse, so you may benefit from having a shared language with some of your co-workers.

Check your technology set-up

You’ll liaise with a Recruiter to secure roles over the phone, usually in the UK – but the client may request a video interview to ‘meet’ you and discuss your skills and interest in the role.

If you have a video interview set-up make sure you test your technology in advance to ensure the picture and sound is working.

Taking part in a video interview

Carefully pick the location for your interview, think about the backdrop the client will see and ensure you’re in a place with very little background noise.

Eye contact is important, so try not to look down at your notes too often. Speak clearly and slowly, leaving brief pauses to allow for any time delay.

Most importantly though, be yourself. Clients are trying to get an idea of who you are as a person, so speak with passion about the projects you’ve been involved with.

Discussing the finer details

Once you’ve successfully interviewed and have been offered a role overseas, make sure you discuss all the finer details with your Recruiter.

Ask them about their International Assignment Support to help you organise your travel, and manage visa and tax compliance. It’s essential to understand all the legal requirements in your new country of work, but a good Recruiter should be able to support you with this.

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