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Case Study: Pearl GTL

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Case Study: Pearl GTL

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

NRL's international team were delighted to support the world’s largest source of GTL (gas-to-liquid) products.

About the project

The Pearl GTL Plant is capable of producing 140,000 barrels of GTL product each day. The plant also produces 120,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids and ethane.

Pearl produces and processes around 1.6 billion cubic feet a day of wellhead gas from the world’s largest single non-associated gas field – the North Field – which stretches from Qatar’s coast out into the Gulf.

The offshore scope includes 22 development wells, two unmanned wellhead platforms in about 30 metres of water and two 30-inch pipelines running about 60km to shore.

The onshore gas processing facilities treat the sour, rich wellhead gas to remove contaminants and further extract natural gas liquids: ethane for petrochemical processes, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic heating and cooking and condensates as a feedstock for refineries.

Pearl’s high-value, premium products including GTL gas oil, kerosene, naphtha, normal paraffin and base oils for lubricants are exported to markets around the globe.

Recruitment support

NRL provided JGC with support during the construction and commissioning phase of this project against two key industry challenges - firstly, the many competing oil & gas projects across the GCC region at the time and secondly, the skills shortage within these sectors which made sourcing suitably qualified and experienced personnel a difficult task.

NRL responded to JGC’s requirements by providing key personnel from diverse geographic locations on competitive rates on the specified mobilisation date.

The staff supplied by NRL demonstrated the key competencies required to work on the project and remained until the date of final completion. The majority of workers were then moved out to other JGC projects in different countries.

Project Information

Name: Pearl GTL Project

Estimated Investment: $19bn

Location: Ras Laffan Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar

Owners: Qatar Petroleum and Shell

Nature: Gas-To-Liquids (GTL)

Outcomes: Construction of a GTL plan capable of producing 3 billion barrels of oil over the project’s lifetime

Main contractors: KBR and JGC

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