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Case Study: Tenet

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Case Study: Tenet

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

NRL's Wigan recruitment team have been working as a sole supplier to Tenet Consultants Ltd for over a decade. During that time, a deep understanding of their company culture has ensured we can continue to work together to find the right candidates.

Meeting the challenge

Tenet approached NRL's Wigan recruitment team as they were finding it difficult to source candidates with the right personality traits and work ethic to integrate into their already established design office team.

Before utilising the recruitment services of NRL they had to rely on word of mouth recommendations or engage with other agencies on an ad-hoc basis to meet their recruitment needs. The recruitment process Tenet had in place was therefore not always adequate or responsive enough to meet the company's job specifications on a priority basis, which is what they required.

A cultural fit strategy

For each account we work on NRL appoint a dedicated Account Manager, who will gain an understanding of the client's business proceses through regular interaction. Working in this way with the team at Tenet allowed us to work collaboratively, organising regular visits to their offices to gain a better understanding of their company culture. This enables us to be more precise in identifying candidates that would integrate well with the existing engineering design team.

At NRL we're always keen to establish cultural fits by working closely with both our clients and candidates to ensure that their requirements and needs are aligned. This helped us immeasurably working with Tenet, as we were able to bring in people who shared their company values, aims and aspirations. Helping them to build the engineering design team organically and sustainably with minimum impact to ongoing projects.

As a result, Tenet now has an engineering design team that not only work collaboratively together, but values the importance of communication and information exchange.

A beneficial partnership

Working with NRL's Wigan recruitment team has enabled Tenet to streamline their recruitment process, allowing them to focus more time and effort on the core services they provide to deliver value to their clients.

NRL worked closely with Tenet to identify suitable candidates in the short time frame they had, forming a dedicated survey team to work on their client's site. Putting this team in place enabled Tenet to provide a cost-effective solution to their client, whilst also allowing key members of their engineering design team to return to their primary roles.

To ensure that introductions were only arranged for candidates who were a strong fit for the business, NRL screened and selected candidates to ensure that their skill sets and attributes were right for the available positions. This approach not only brought about cost savings for the company, but also created a number of efficiencies in their recruitment process.

“Tenet has had a sole supply agreement with NRL since 2009 – providing a responsive service finding relevant candidates for the requirement submitted. A dedicated Consultant has developed a relationship with my staff thus really understanding our business needs.”

Mike Thirsk, Managing Director, Tenet Consultants Ltd

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