Redefining The Future Nuclear Workforce Through Social Mobility

Redefining the future nuclear workforce through social mobility

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Redefining the future nuclear workforce through social mobility

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Rebecca Graves

Unlocking local skills, securing fresh investment and increasing diversity will be the key to future proofing our nuclear workforce – as NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graves discusses with In-Cumbria business magazine.

When it comes to preparing the next generation of nuclear workers who will strive forward with Cumbria’s strong nuclear heritage, it is imperative that no door is left unopened in ensuring there is a diverse representation of individuals across the community and that they are given the opportunity to succeed.

Social mobility isn’t a new term, it’s been around for generations. But now more so than ever, it’s crucial that organisations can engage with people from all walks of life – supporting them to build their confidence and raise their aspirations, ultimately resulting in incredibly enriching careers.

It’s something the team at NRL’s Recruitment business based in Cumbria are passionate about. They have long since understood that social mobility is the key to a diverse nuclear workforce. As such the team have been supporting the local community for almost four decades, working closely with their clients to find rewarding career opportunities right across the regions nuclear sector.

For several years now they have also worked in collaboration with Inspira, a leading employability and skills enterprise. It is in partnership with Inspira that they have joined other local businesses in outreach activities at schools across the county. These activities have included very successful employability days, where in workshop format NRL have been able to work with hundreds of high school students to provide coaching and mentoring with regards to interviews and future careers.


“Social mobility is the key to a diverse nuclear workforce.”


NRL have also reinforced this commitment with their nuclear upskilling programmes, run in partnership with several of their key clients, bolstered further by signing up to the Social Mobility Pledge. The initiative aims to even the playing field through outreach, access to work experience opportunities and encouraging inclusive recruitment.

Director Rebecca Graves explains why it was so important for NRL to join the cause;

“It takes an entire community of people to support the UK’s nuclear industry and roles across this sector are vast and diverse, as such it is imperative that our future nuclear workforce reflects this diversity.

Often though, nuclear is a sector that people think is out of reach to them, unless they’ve graduated from university with a degree in engineering. Across Cumbria however, there are so many opportunities to work with the nuclear supply chain and many entry level positions that can provide a great base to learn on the job and create a sustainable career path.

That’s why we wanted to join the coalition which globally represents over 5 million people, and almost 2 million students, having already actively evidenced the founding principles of the movement. It provides a great platform to challenge social mobility and get people to start thinking differently.”

If you’re keen to explore how you can drive inclusivity across your organisation, then please contact Rebecca on

If you are interested in supporting schools and young people across Cumbria, to help them understand the world of work and make informed choices on their future careers please contact Inspira - The Link programme at

You can read the full October issue of In-Cumbria business magazine online.