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Opening up job opportunities in the race for net zero

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Opening up job opportunities in the race for net zero

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Rebecca Graves

Unlocking local skills, securing fresh investments and increasing diversity will be the key to future-proofing our nuclear workforce – as NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graces discusses with In-Cumbria business magazine.

​NRL, the technical engineering recruiters, first set-up their business in 1983 on the site of Sellafield power station. They have continued to connect people with career opportunities across a range of emerging energy sectors as the UK welcomed new innovation after new innovation, including energy efficient combined cylinder gas-fired power stations, energy from waste plants and renewable wind energy.

“New emerging projects provide a great opportunity to transfer skills and gain new expertise”


Like the nuclear sector, on which a great deal of Cumbria’s industrial heritage is built, the new green energy solutions which are being established, provide a great deal of opportunity across the supply chain. Large scale projects such as the Sizewell C power station build, propose to utilise suppliers from across the UK to bring their vision to life, which could bring about £2.5 billion of investment and up to 13,000 job opportunities to the North of England, as the project is keen to ensure all regions benefit from its construction.

Additionally, new technology being developed by Rolls Royce SMR, is set to provide an innovative solution to the global energy challenge. This programme should create around 40,000 jobs throughout the UK, and with West Cumbria set to be a prime site for this development the future is bright for our local economy.

Director Rebecca Graves explains why it is important for NRL to be able to support net zero energy plans: “We’re passionate about providing long-term career opportunities for people. Across the energy supply chain, and within the Cumbrian region, more and more organisations are diversifying into new green energy alternatives, which provides so many great opportunities for skilled workers to accelerate their careers.

“New emerging projects provide a great opportunity to transfer skills and gain new expertise. Nuclear and power generation experience can provide a great foundation to move into green energy projects across the supply chain.”

For NRL, the energy industry’s move to green mirrors their own business aspirations – with the company taking the decision to become carbon neutral in 2021.

To gain the Carbon Neutral International Standard, emissions are analysed in great detail each year, with carbon credits purchased to offset any unavoidable emissions, together with long-term plans for further reductions.

Initiatives to invest carbon credits are carefully considered, which include supporting reforestation projects in South America, and progressing clean energy in developing countries.

If you’re keen to explore how you can get your workforce ready for net zero, then please contact Rebecca on

You can read the full November issue of In-Cumbria business magazine online.