Organisations Should Be Placing Culture At The Core Of Their Recruitment Strategy

Organisations should be placing culture at the core of their recruitment strategy

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Organisations should be placing culture at the core of their recruitment strategy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Rebecca Graves

With more opportunity than ever before for candidates who are considering career moves it’s crucial that organisations are clearly demonstrating their company culture to give them a competitive edge – as NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graves discusses with In-Cumbria business magazine.

A quick search of any online job board returns thousands of open vacancies. So when organisations are looking to recruit, they’ll need to look at how they can stand out in the crowd, and what they can tell prospective candidates to give them an insight into their business.

Engineering recruitment specialists NRL know only too well the importance of selling your business culture when recruiting for roles. Daily, they help organisations develop bespoke recruitment campaigns to attract the best talent.

Recruitment is a two-way process, so organisations must remember that it’s about an organisation looking for someone they want to join their team, but also the candidate considering whether they’d want to join their business.

To help them decide, it’s crucial for organisations to ensure they’re putting their best foot forward. Whilst job adverts need to clearly define what the role is about and what skills and experience the right person will need to hold, they also need to bring the company to life. Including the culture and company values, in a way that truly represents the business. As well as sharing initiatives that have been developed by the business to support training and development, to give an insight into how the organisation can support their career growth.

“We’re playing our part to tackle the bigger issues such as equity, diversity and inclusion.”

NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graves, reiterates the importance of sharing your company culture when recruiting for new colleagues.

“Within our own business we have grown company values organically, which are centred around always doing the right thing. That means ensuring we’re playing our part to tackle the bigger issues such as equity, diversity and inclusion. As well as looking at how we can provide employment opportunities for people from all walks of life to level the playing field. It’s therefore important to us that we’re able to share these strategic focus areas with future employees, when candidates are considering joining our business.

“Developing comprehensive recruitment strategies across multiple marketing channels will help to ensure these key messages are consistent. Knowing that wherever candidates look to research a company, they’re able to see the organisation’s culture prominently.

“That’s why we always start our client partnerships with an in-depth look into their organisation – asking them to share what they’re doing, what their proudest business achievements are and what initiatives they’ve developed. Once we fully understand what they stand for and what they have to offer potential employees, we can work with them to develop a bespoke recruitment strategy. ”

If you’re interested to find out how you can define your recruitment strategy around your company culture, then reach out to Rebecca on

You can read the full January issue of In-Cumbria business magazine online.