One Year At The Wilton Centre

One year at the Wilton Centre

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One year at the Wilton Centre

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

It’s hard to believe it’s only been one year since our Teesside Recruitment team moved into their Redcar-based office in the Wilton Centre.

That’s because they’ve helped so many candidates and celebrated numerous new client partnerships, so it feels a lot longer than 12 months.

Once they’d got the keys to their new office and painted one of the walls in the signature pink that makes NRL’s Recruitment branches so recognisable, the team finally felt settled in Teesside. NRL have continued to grow their recruitment expertise in the region over several years prior to opening the Wilton Centre based branch, having supported major projects in the region such as the Tees Renewable Energy Plant (TeesREP). We’ve been committed to supporting local clients and candidates across Teesside since we first started working in Teesside, but the restrictions during the global pandemic meant we had to wait a little longer to firmly put down roots.

12 months later the team are busier than they’ve ever been and have recently welcomed a new colleague as Recruitment Consultant Holly Davis joined the team this year.

We sit down with Divisional Manager Allan and the latest member of the team Holly to find out how things are progressing.

Allan Stevenson, Divisional Manager

You’ve had a busy year at the Wilton Centre, how has it made a difference being in the centre surrounded by like-minded companies?

Yes, it's been quite a year hasn’t it. Being based in the Wilton Centre is fantastic, we are building relationships with our clients where they know they can knock on the door at any time to discuss recruitment or just for a chat. The recruitment process is always enhanced when you can speak freely face to face.

Have you had the chance to get involved with events happening within the Wilton Centre?

Absolutely, there has been some great networking events that we have attended in the past 12 months - the Wilton Centre has perfect facilities to allow for that. There are plenty more coming up soon that we will be involved with.

You’ve welcomed on board a number of new clients over the last 12 months and are supporting some fantastic local regeneration projects – can you tell us more?

We have a fantastic client base in Teesside and we are looking forward to seeing these relationships develop further during 2023, as well as working with new clients.

We have NRL contractors working on some of the most well-known Teesside projects right now and we have also placed many permanent candidates into positions supporting the Anglo American and Teesworks projects - to name a few.

Connect with Allan - | LinkedIn

Holly Davis, Recruitment Consultant

Welcome to the team, how have your first few weeks been going?

It's my first month working for NRL since moving from a recruitment and HR background, and I cannot believe how much I have learnt about the business in such a short amount of time.

I have really got to know about the company's organisation as a whole, the company's culture, customers, and how the Group operates - which has been a massive learning experience.

I have loved my first month and look forward to many more years to come - the team here are really great.

What made you interested in joining NRL’s Teesside team?

I wanted to join a team where teamwork was prioritised - and at NRL teamwork and the overall culture of the business was very attractive to me. Along with the fact that NRL are a very well established and recognised business in the area.

I had a feeling that NRL’s culture would suit my own.

The Teesside team are exhibiting at quite a few events in the coming months, are you looking forward to getting out and about?

One of my favourite parts of recruitment is exhibitions and networking events. They are a great way to raise profiles and get to know more about the exciting new projects happening in Teesside.

With so much coming up in Teesside over the next few years it’s definitely a way of making key new contacts, creating new relationships and generally getting ahead in the competitive market.

Connect with Holly – | LinkedIn

Regeneration in Teesside

Regeneration is a big part of what's happening in Teesside, with millions being spent on new projects and developments.

It is a major priority for the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA). With Teesside seeing significant investment over recent years, with a number of projects underway to support growth and further economic development.

Teesport has also been advancing plans to become the UK’s first port to hold Freeport status. Which will create an estimated 18,000 jobs and adding £3.2 billion to the local economy.

Central to these regeneration plans is improving the quality of life for residents and businesses. Helping to transform the area and the employment prospects of local people. The regeneration also includes a number of projects that will create better places for people to live, work and visit.


NRL in Teesside

Our Teesside based recruitment experts have been placing thousands of people to help deliver regional projects – including new Energy from Waste plants, cleaner energy power stations and renewable wind farms. We understand how the energy mix is changing and have the insight to help organisations grow their workforce to maximise the opportunities net zero will bring.

Drawing on their strong track record of providing high quality candidates who are fully qualified and experienced in their field, they’re always on hand to support local businesses.

Get in touch with them to discuss your needs. Or you can find the team exhibiting at upcoming regional events: