Skills You Can Gain Working In Recruitment

Skills you can gain working in recruitment

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Skills you can gain working in recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Working in recruitment can be a great experience for anyone who's looking to develop their communication skills, or for anyone wanting to make a personal impact to other people’s lives.

There are plenty of reasons why this industry is a particularly appealing one, not least because you're dealing with people from all walks of life and helping them to progress with their careers.

A career that’s interesting and fast-paced

Recruitment is a really interesting sector to work in, as it's people-facing and a fast-paced environment. You can learn a lot of key skills, which will help to shape your knowledge and capability.

Here are some of the skills you could gain working in recruitment:

Excellent communication skills

Recruitment involves lots of talking with candidates and clients, giving you the chance to develop excellent communication skills. Working with the client to understand their business and what they’re looking for in their ideal candidates and communicating with colleagues within their team to progress job vacancies.

IT skills

You’ll typically get to work across a multiple computers system as well. Running advanced searches within database to find suitable candidates and managing the hiring process to progress applicants. You can also expect to spend some time on social media channels such as LinkedIn, to promote your vacancies and engage candidates.

Multitasking skills

You’ll be part of a busy team, working across a number of different job vacancies at any one time. So you’ll learn to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and be able to quickly switch between the various stages of the recruitment process to ensure all activities are undertaken in a timely manner.


A job with opportunities to progress

There are lots of different types of roles available in the sector, which means there's plenty of opportunity for new recruits to get their foot on the career ladder and progress.

Recruitment can also allow you to take on different roles and responsibilities with opportunities to progress as you gain more experience.


A role where it’s always a busy day

If you're not sure what working in recruitment looks like from day to day, here's a breakdown of what your tasks and responsibilities might be:

  • Contacting potential candidates via telephone and email

  • Arranging and coordinating interviews

  • Placing job advertisements

  • Managing job applications across a multitude of platforms

  • Supporting compliance procedures

  • Maintaining relationships with clients

Recruitment is a people-facing job and involves a lot of communication. You'll be working with clients and candidates, so it's important that you're able to build rapport easily. Recruiters also have to think on their feet – so you'll need to be able to adapt quickly during the recruitment process, or if there's a complication with a candidate or client.


A great way to kick start your career

The recruitment industry is about more than just jobs. It’s about connecting people with the right opportunities to help them progress their careers, whilst ensuring employers bring on board the best talent to help them grow their businesses.

If you think the skills you have now could be transferable, or if there are new skills that you would like to learn, then a career in recruitment could be perfect for you.


A career with NRL

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