Rec Nrl Reaches One Year Being A Living Wage Employer

NRL reaches one year being a Living Wage Employer

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NRL reaches one year being a Living Wage Employer

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

This week The NRL Group will celebrate its first year as a Living Wage Employer. Established by the Living Wage Foundation, the initiative works with businesses to help them pay their staff a more realistic and manageable wage.

Who are the Living Wage Foundation?

The Living Wage Foundation is a charity that campaigns for a wage that enables people to live with dignity. It believes that no-one should have to work full time yet still live below an acceptable standard of living because they don't earn enough money in wages alone.

The foundation campaigns for companies to voluntarily pay their employees more than the minimum wage and over 11,000 UK companies have signed up to do so.

The Living Wage Foundation and NRL

NRL has grown from a culture of always striving to do the right thing. We believe in doing what’s right for our customers, our employees and our community.

Commenting about the business’ decision to join the foundation, NRL Group’s CEO David Redmayne said,

“The decision to become a Living Wage Employer was an easy one for us. That’s because at the heart of everything we do is a desire to ensure we’re doing the best we can. By our clients and most certainly by our people who work across our operations. We want to know that they are able to live on a manageable salary, and we give them support through a range of initiatives such as the Real Living Wage, wellbeing support and help with reducing the cost of everyday purchases such as their weekly shop through our benefits scheme.

As an organisation we’re also committed to supporting local communities through our recruitment outreach programmes and community partnerships, while also ensuring that all colleagues are treated fairly within the workplace including being paid a fair wage for their hard work.”

What it means to be a Living Wage Employer

The Living Wage Foundation believes that all employees should be paid a wage that reflective of the cost of living and their personal and family needs. The NRL Group, as one of its members, are committed to paying its employees a fair and manageable as an absolute minimum.

It also sends a clear message to candidates considering working for the company that it cares about their wellbeing by opting to pay above the Government's minimum rate of pay.

What is the Government's national living wage?

The national living wage was introduced by the government in 2016. It's £9.50 per hour (23 years and over), which is higher than the minimum wage for people from school leaver age to 22 years old, which currently ranges from £4.81-£9.18.

The Government’s living wage, which is calculated annually, was created to cover the cost of living in the UK. It has faced criticism however, because many people say it does not keep up with the rising costs being seen across the UK.

What is the current real living wage set by the Living Wage Foundation?

The Living Wage Foundation has set the current Real Living Wage rate at £10.90 per hour, higher than the minimum wage because it considers additional costs such as housing and childcare. The foundation also advocates for people to be able to afford a few treats for themselves and their family once all essential bills and amenities have been covered.

In London, the living wage is higher at £11.95 - an increase due to increased everyday expenditure such as rent. Meanwhile, the government's national living wage does not have a separate rate for London.

Who can become a living wage employer?

The Living Wage Employer initiative is available to any businesses who want to take part. Members will need to follow the foundation’s annual Real Living Wage calculation, and ensure all colleagues are paid this rate as the minimum hourly pay. You can find out more about becoming a Living Wage Employer on the Living Wage Foundation website