Case Study  Assisting With Language Interpreting

Case Study: Assisting with language interpreting

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Case Study: Assisting with language interpreting

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Within our Heysham branch you’ll find a busy team of people who support our clients with purchasing solutions to help ensure their projects can be delivered on time and to their high standards. From parts and equipment, to contractor travel and accommodation, they can provide a range of purchasing support. So when a client asked for support with language interpreting, our purchasing team instantly knew the solution.

NRL Languages Solutions is part of the wider NRL Group, and provides a range of translation and interpreting services to businesses to help them communicate effectively. So the Heysham team knew they could lean on our Languages team to assist.


The language barrier challenge

The client needed a team of experienced engineers to support with a project on a UK power station. Operating internationally, they already had the expertise in Spain who were in their quieter period so had the capacity to deliver the UK project. The challenge? None of the team spoke English, and UK based colleagues weren’t able to communicate in Spanish. The engineering expertise was ready to mobilise, but a quick solution was needed to manage the language barrier.

From daily supervisory meetings with the engineering team, to adhering to established procedures and on-site safety regulations, facilitation was needed to effectively communicate between the Spanish-speaking team and their English-speaking counterparts. Ensuring safety processes and procedures would be managed at all times.

Welcoming an interpreter to the project team

Colleagues at NRL Language Solutions engaged a Spanish and English-speaking interpreter who would be stationed on-site throughout the project to facilitate communication with the team of engineers.

This process commenced at the beginning of each shift, with the relay of the Supervisor's daily safety message and the communication of work details scheduled for the day, as well as any messages from the previous night shift.

Once the engineers were prepared to start their tasks, the interpreter provided verbal translation of the work order cards. These cards contained the written procedures for each task, ensured that the engineers fully understood the necessary safety measures and specific engineering practices. The interpreter also offered day-to-day support, allowing engineers to ask questions or discuss any issues and acted as an intermediary between the team of workers and the Supervisors when necessary.

At the end of each shift, the focus turned to the close-up briefing, during which the team confirmed the completed work with the Supervisor and documented any notes that needed to be conveyed to the night shift team. The interpreter remained available throughout this discussion to ensure accurate interpretation of all information being shared.


Delivering a successful project

Through NRL's interpreting service, we were able to quickly mobilise the Spanish engineering team, enabling them to effectively finish the power station project, with an experienced interpreter on-site and ready to commence the very next day. The project extended beyond the initially anticipated 10-day timeline, lasting a total of 14 days, and the Spanish-speaking interpreter played a vital role in ensuring seamless communication throughout this period.

All the work was carried out in accordance with the precise requirements specified, delivering a solution that benefitted both the on-site supervisors and the Spanish engineering team.

NRL’s Translations Project Manager Veronica Allen was pleased to be able to support the Heysham team’s client;

“When colleagues from our Recruitment business got in touch to ask if a Spanish-speaking interpreter would provide a solution to their client’s language barrier, we immediately said yes. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to provide face-to-face interpreting to navigate business negotiations, provide language support and, most importantly, ensure that all communication is correctly understood by every stakeholder.
We knew that by having an interpreter on hand throughout the project, the language barrier would be lifted – and everyone could effectively communicate to get the task in hand completed.
For engineering businesses, precision is of the utmost importance, which is why it was crucial to appoint an experienced and qualified interpreter who understood the role they needed to play to keep the project moving.
It was a pleasure to be able to demonstrate our language solutions expertise to their client, mobilising the interpreter to work on site just a few days after the client requested support, and before they got to work, quickly building a rapport with the teams and supporting conversations throughout the project.
It’s a great example of how interpreting can make such a difference when conversing with different stakeholders – and we’re delighted to have been able to support the client.”


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