Nrl Renews Company Support For The Lighthouse Club

NRL renews company support for the Lighthouse Club

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NRL renews company support for the Lighthouse Club

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

The NRL Group are delighted to have renewed their company support for the Lighthouse Club – a charity who provide emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support for construction industry workers and their families.

Amid the trials and challenges faced within the construction sector, the services the Lighthouse Club provide free of charge are extraordinarily significant and underlines a mutual commitment across the sector from engineering companies and employers to promote wellbeing and a sense of community.

The Lighthouse Club, with local beacons located around the UK & Ireland together with online, telephone and text message support, are focussed on advancing the welfare of construction workers. This includes providing access to training and resources, financial assistance and practical help – as well as a support network to help construction workers and any members of their families in their time of need. They aim to ensure that no worker or their family is alone during a crisis and, with no public sector funding, the charity relies solely on company supporters and fundraising donations.

NRL Group CEO David Redmayne explains why it was important to continue their company support;

"We're proud to align ourselves with a charity that goes above and beyond to look after those in the construction industry. In 2022 the Lighthouse Club provided invaluable support to 3,421 families when they needed it most. It’s a staggering number that increased by 23% on the previous year - clearly demonstrating that their services and assistance is needed now more than ever.

I know the services that they do provide make all the difference to people, as we’ve been lucky enough to see it first hand when their #MakeItVisible support team stopped off at one of our client’s sites in Sunderland earlier in the year as part of their national tour.

Whether the support looks like emergency financial aid to provide instant relief from the pressure of unpaid bills, or a support programme to help with mental or physical health conditions - they’re not just helping people, they’re saving lives."

The #MakeItVisible campaign holds an important message - no-one should feel they can’t talk to people about any problems they’re facing. Help is always available, and initiatives such as appointing Mental Health First Aiders within businesses will ensure that colleagues have the experience to navigate those conversations when workers do open up.

Through the services the Lighthouse Club provide to company supporters, the NRL Group have provided training for 10 Mental Health First Aiders to take on voluntary positions across the organisation’s recruitment and contracting operations this year.

Should you, or someone you know, need the lifeline that the Lighthouse Club provides, we encourage you to not hesitate to reach out. Their support extends to everyone in the construction industry. You can contact them via their website or through their local clubs spread across the UK and Ireland.