Nuturing And Investing In Talent Is Crucial For Business Success

Nurturing and investing in talent is crucial for business success

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Nurturing and investing in talent is crucial for business success

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Rebecca Graves

It’s a candidate’s market so businesses need to be doing all they can to ensure they’re investing in their people to avoid talent retention problems – as NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graves discussed with In-Cumbria business magazine.

Egremont is home to NRL, a specialist engineering and technical recruitment company that’s been providing employment support to businesses for four decades. With deep-rooted connections to the Cumbrian nuclear sector, they’ve worked with organisations up and down the region to help them find the right people for their businesses.

Once those people are firmly planted in their roles though, NRL believe the work shouldn’t stop there when it comes to making sure every employee is looked after. Whilst a good working environment, strong company values and a well-rounded benefits package are the vital foundations of being a responsible employer, nurturing and investing in your people is the key to ensuring they can build rewarding careers.

The skill sets and ambition of people working collaboratively is, after all, what helps an organisation to grow and prosper. The c-suite board of directors can set goals with environmental, social and corporate governance objectives, but this vision can’t be brought to life without engaged people working at all levels throughout a business.

At the heart of nurturing talent lies continued learning and development, as training programmes foster employee loyalty, whilst enabling talent to increase their potential and explore progression opportunities within the organisation. Providing access to structured learning whilst balancing this with a personal development plan, can help to ensure they feel respected and heard. By taking a holistic view of someone’s personal development, this will help to identify opportunities within your organisation for employees to move sideways and well as up the career ladder.

It's something that NRL Director Rebecca Graves is extremely passionate about, because when learning and development is done right, it can enrich an organisation;

“Ensuring your employees have the right level of support in place to grow both personally and professionally is of huge importance. Investing in your workforce will not only help to provide important talent mapping to support career progression opportunities, but also ensure employees find their job rewarding.

The saying goes, it’s a lot easier to keep people than find new ones, but maintaining staff retention can only work when employees feel they are working for an organisation that invests in them.

Having a comprehensive learning and development programme not only ensures employees have access to the right training at the right time, but also allows organisations to widen their recruitment view and bring in candidates with transferable skills who could excel in roles with a little extra support and learning opportunities.”

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