Nzn Issue 19   Taking Your Energy Career Global In 2024

Taking your energy career global in 2024

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Taking your energy career global in 2024

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Across the world, net zero projects are in various stages of planning permission, and here at the NRL Group it’s rewarding to be able to support many of these. From offshore wind projects in France and Ireland, to Nuclear New Build in Saudi Arabia and Poland, and electric vehicle battery manufacturing in Sweden.

In 2023 we supported clients with their net zero and energy transition projects across the globe, whilst providing our candidates with some great opportunities to travel and explore the world.

If you’ve never considered working overseas, we speak to NRL’s International Development Director Will Fossey to understand why it can be a rewarding way to utilise your industry expertise.

Making the move to work overseas

Venturing to another country for work may feel daunting, but it needn’t be as Will reassures candidates.

"A great deal of careful planning and detail has to go into managing workers overseas, to meet the necessary in-country employment laws, taxation requirements and travel documentation – but a good consultancy service should be handling all of that on the candidate’s behalf.
At NRL, the biggest role we believe we have to play is ensuring that everything is well communicated, providing an open line of support between the candidate and the client they’ll be working for, and ensuring that everyone is kept informed with all the details of their assignment, whilst meticulously taking care of every finite detail to ensure compliance.
When done well, the candidate shouldn’t see a huge amount of impact. Our International Assignment Support takes care of everything for our workers – ensuring the right travel documentation is in place throughout the length of their project, partnering with in-country taxation experts to set-up a compliant payroll solution, and even providing an interpreter if needed to help attend official Government departments to finalise their paperwork. It’s a vast undertaking from our International compliance and administration team, who make the detailed process look seamless – which provides our candidates with the reassurance need to know they’re in safe hands.
For our clients, we’ve developed extensive international solutions such as our Employer of Record service – that allows them to operate in a country and engage workers without needing to set-up an entire new business entity each time. So, they can tender for more global projects and take their engineering expertise to more countries – which in turn provide more opportunities for candidates."

Culturally, the new location may require some adjustment, but Will says it’s something that can easily be accommodated, and candidates often note it is a huge benefit to their time overseas.

“Every country is different, and that’s the beauty of working overseas – candidates get to experience a wide range of cultures and work with a diverse team of people. It provides opportunities to learn from others, and experience diverse ways of doing things. Quickly adding a huge number of transferable skills to your CV and building networking connections across the world.
If you’re looking for a rewarding experience that could catapult your career and open up new opportunities to work on projects internationally, then I’d certainly recommend working overseas.”

International net zero job opportunities

Over recent years, NRL has seen increasing demand for workers to support net zero energy projects overseas. As Will tells us, it’s a great time to consider an overseas move.

“The energy sector is seeing significant growth across the world. December’s COP28 in the United Arab Emirates demonstrated the length and breadth of opportunity to work in the low carbon and renewable energy industries across the globe, making 2024 a great year to make that move.
Renewable energy projects such as offshore wind and low carbon initiatives such as hydrogen and carbon capture will change the energy landscape over the next decade and beyond, and engineering companies are looking for people with the expertise and knowledge to bring to their international projects and help upskill local workers.
Looking at 2024, we already have several projects we’ll be supporting that provide a fantastic opportunity to work internationally and be a part of significant engineering projects - so we’re excited to support even more candidates this year with global roles.”

Supporting clients to work compliantly overseas

When it comes to supporting clients with their international net zero projects, compliance is key. For businesses looking to expand globally, our International team are always on hand to provide guidance and support, and Divisional Manager Andy Williams recently shared an article on LinkedIn with some key areas organisations need to consider when recruiting internationally.


Interested in a new role overseas?

Our talented team are always interested in making new connections with people who want to work overseas.

You can connect with them on LinkedIn, then reach out to start a conversation.

Will Fossey– International Development Director

Andy Williams– Divisional Manager

Ireland and International recruitment opportunities:

Imane Ghaffor– International Recruitment Consultant

Ivanna Troian– International Recruitment Consultant

Naif Bin Abdulwahid– Recruitment Account Manager

Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa:

Hazem Ayoub– Area Manager

Opportunities in Norway:

Kristian Taylor– Engineering Resource Consultant

James Hamill– Engineering Resource Consultant

Looking for more roles?

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