Nrl Group Launches £90k Charity Match Funding Scheme

NRL Group launches £90k charity match funding scheme

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NRL Group launches £90k charity match funding scheme

  • Publish Date: Posted 22 days ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

A new match funding scheme will allow NRL Group colleagues to secure a company donation to support their own fundraising activities.

The £90k charity donations pot has been made available to colleagues to access over the next three years, providing the potential for the business to work with employees to raise up to £180k for charities and causes between 2024 and 2026 when personal fundraising is combined with company match funding.

Launched in line with a new three-year NRL Group strategy in January, the new match funding pot has been introduced thanks to the success of fundraising efforts last year as part of the organisation’s 40th year in business. Colleagues worked together to support 40 charities, with a £500 company donation made to each in celebration of four decades in business. The initiative helped to raise over £43k in 2023, including £20k in company donations.

Discussing the introduction of the new scheme, NRL Group CEO David Redmayne shared the Group Executive Board’s thoughts.

“We were extremely proud of how many branches got involved with our 40 charities initiative last year to support our 40th anniversary in business, so wanted to introduce a scheme where we could continue to support team fundraising.

The new company match funding scheme will run for the next 3 years in line with our new Group strategy, because as we grow and develop our business it’s important to us that we’re able to give back and support local communities. Our colleagues have been committed to raising money for charities and causes that are important to them for some time, so this new scheme is a great way for us to reward them for this important work they do. Branches will have their own match funding pots, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they do over the next few years as they continue to impress us with their fundraising efforts.”