Candidates Want Companies Who Care About Their Wellbeing

Candidates want companies who care about their wellbeing

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Candidates want companies who care about their wellbeing

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author: Rebecca Graves

With it being more competitive than ever to attract candidates to job vacancies, how we approach employee wellbeing and mental health is crucial – as NRL’s Egremont Director Rebecca Graves discussed with In-Cumbria business magazine.

Candidate needs have evolved over the decades, with the introduction of more widespread flexible and hybrid working as the most recent step in this evolution. Businesses are also seeing the benefits of happy and successful employees when they focus on work life balance and developing a culture that encourages people to create the right working environment that works for them and allows them to be productive and feel supported.

When it comes to wellbeing and mental health, this is now also a crucial area that makes organisations stand out amongst the lists of open vacancies available to job seekers.

Engineering and technical recruiters NRL understand this need and the importance of developing a strong company culture and that candidates see this focus on wellbeing and mental health for themselves.

Having provided wellbeing support to their employees for decades, it’s an area NRL are also focusing on within their contractor community - the thousands of temporary workers who are placed with their clients each week. This includes an ongoing partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, who provide free to access financial, physical and mental wellbeing support. As well as recently launching an online training platform through their Pay As You Earn contractor benefits portal, that provides mental health and diversity training courses that are free to complete.

As Egremont-based Director Rebecca Graves explains, it’s something businesses need to prioritise when promoting job vacancies.

“When candidates look for a new role, wellbeing and mental health will be high up the agenda. This could include the benefits of the company’s employee assistance programme, and the initiatives they have in place to help people manage both their work and personal lives. That’s why it’s crucial the support available is evident in the job advert and a quick search through the company’s website highlights not only the support but how it is being put into action.

In our job vacancies for roles to join the NRL Group, we proudly include our wellbeing support such as a free financial wellbeing coach and our network of Mental Health First Aiders. Because we know candidates want to work for a company which values their wellbeing and creates a safe space for them to tackle the everyday challenges life throws at us. Prioritising wellbeing helps to harness an open environment where people can raise personal struggles without fear it will have a detrimental impact on their professional life.”

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