Championing A Net Zero Future

Championing a net zero future

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Championing a net zero future

  • Publish Date: Posted 27 days ago
  • Author: Shaun Lamb

The need for sustainability and environmental responsibility has become paramount as organisations across industries take significant strides towards a net zero future, and NRL is no different. Committed to making a positive impact on the planet, we’re championing sustainable practices and actively contributing to the transition to a greener world.

A greener future

We understand the importance of operating sustainably and reducing our impact on the planet, which is why we’re engineering change and creating sustainable solutions in the world of recruitment – helping companies operating in the energy sector to adapt their strategies and contribute to a more sustainable industry. We’re actively involved in supporting initiatives that seek alternative ways to produce power while embracing sustainable construction practices, collaborating with clients to amplify their sustainability visions and support their energy transition plans.

By utilising our expertise in recruitment, we’re also committed to helping candidates find rewarding careers in exciting and innovative green energy roles. From offshore wind industry advancement to wind turbine expertise support across Europe, NRL plays a vital role in transforming the energy landscape towards a greener tomorrow.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’re fully aware of the urgent need to address carbon emissions, implementing rigorous measures to minimise our environmental impact. We’re proud to have made significant progress in this area, and through our partnership with One Carbon World, we annually review and analyse our carbon footprint. This commitment to transparency and accountability has resulted in securing the Carbon Neutral International Standard each year since 2021. We’ve also demonstrated our dedication to tackling carbon emissions globally by purchasing carbon credits to offset unavoidable carbon emissions, supporting critical development projects worldwide and advancing renewable energy initiatives.

We’re proud that our pursuit of sustainability has received recognition and validation, including a nomination as a finalist in the Most Sustainable Agency Business category at the prestigious Recruiter Awards 2023, further highlighting our unwavering commitment to operate ethically and contribute to a sustainable future.

Spreading the net zero message

We believe in the power of knowledge and communication in driving sustainable change, so in 2022 we launched the first issue of Net Zero News, a LinkedIn newsletter dedicated to spreading awareness and insights on all things net zero. With now over 10,000 subscribers, this monthly publication covers a wide range of topics, including client projects, regional energy transition plans, renewable energy updates and the latest net zero job opportunities our teams are currently recruiting for. If you haven’t already, please feel free to join the newsletter to be kept up to date with the net zero transition.

We’re also delighted to regularly partner with industry experts to discuss the latest developments taking place across the energy industry and the regions we work within in-person. Later this month, my colleague Graham and I look forward to exhibiting at NOF’s Scottish Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition at the Inchyra Hotel on the 25th June, where we’ll be chatting with local businesses about their plans and how we can support them. If your organisation plans on attending, we welcome you to visit us at stand 31.

Looking ahead at the road to sustainability

We’re proud that our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, supporting renewable energy initiatives, collaborating with forward-thinking clients, and spreading awareness through initiatives like Net Zero News puts us on the forefront of the net zero energy transition, and we’re hopeful that our efforts inspire others to follow suit. With a commitment to sustainability ingrained in our core values, we believe that business growth and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.

If your organisation has already begun to embark on its journey towards net zero, or if you’re just looking to get started, we’d be delighted to share our expertise and discuss how our specialist recruitment teams can help find the right talent to deliver your green energy projects. Please feel free to connect with me to learn more about our experience in the renewables sector.