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Spotlight on: Sizewell C

We’re proud to play our part in the campaign to Build British Nuclear. The Sizewell C Consortium draws together nuclear and green energy leaders with one united objective, to drive the commissioning of Sizewell C.


Whilst construction of the proposed power station is not expected to commence until 2022, now is a vital time to secure the planning permission for this crucial project.

Sizewell C will provide 25,000 employment opportunities and 1,000 apprenticeships across the supply chain during its construction, as well as generate enough clean energy once commissioned to power over 6 million homes.

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Extensive supply chain capability

“Britain has built a world beating Nuclear industry supply chain which supports thousands of highly skilled jobs across the UK. The Sizewell C supply chain is ready and willing to help Government with the green economic recovery. A firm commitment on the future of Sizewell C will help sustain the nuclear supply chain and can deliver significant benefits to the UK’s low carbon economic prosperity.”

Cameron Gilmour, Spokesperson, Sizewell C Consortium
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About the Consortium

Over 100 companies have signed up to the Sizewell C Consortium in response to their call for the Nuclear and green energy industries to come together to campaign for Britain’s nuclear industry.

Planning permission to build Sizewell C will play an important part in the UK’s low carbon evolution plans.

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Strengthening Nuclear job opportunities

NRL’s Recruitment and Contracting teams have over 35 years expertise working within the Nuclear industry, connecting Britain’s workforce with the job opportunities.

“Sizewell C will provide long-term career opportunities not just for existing Nuclear workers, but for the entire supply chain – as well as opening doors for those new to nuclear new build.

There’s never been a more crucial time to secure the future of British Nuclear as the Government considers the commissioning of Sizewell C.”

David Redmayne, CEO, NRL
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I applied to be part of NRL’s outage work for the 2019 outage at Sizewell and was very impressed with their professionalism and support as they guided me through my application and the security vetting process. All of my questions were always answered clearly and promptly by the team and thanks to NRL, I am still working on the site 18 months after the outage ended.

Previous NRL outage worker