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Added assistance for your job applications

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Added assistance for your job applications

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

We’ve partnered with accessiBe, so we can make our website as accessible as possible. That’s because here at NRL we’re keen to ensure that our website does not put up any barriers that make applying for roles more difficult than they should be.

Who are accessiBe?

The team at accessiBe are on a mission to make the internet more inclusive. Removing barriers and providing an equal experience for everyone.

One way they’re doing this is with their accessibility website tool, which you can find in the pink circle at the bottom righthand corner of our website. AccessiBe's interface allows every visitor adjust their website's design to their individual need or disability, without changing it for all other site visitors.


What features are available?

When you launch the tool, you’ll see a range of pre-set profiles, as well as some handy adjustment tools to make it easier to read through the site.


Finding the right profile for you

We take a look at the different profiles available, which may help you with your job applications.

Seizure Safe Profile

Websites can often contain lots of moving parts, designed to grab the attention of visitors. We fully appreciate though that this added movement can be difficult for some people, so the seizure safe profile will eliminate flashing or blinking images on website pages and reduce colour brightness.

Vision Impaired Profile

This profile will help anyone with visual impairments such as Glaucoma, Tunnel Vision and Cataracts, by making adjustments to the colour, font and size of information on our webpages to make it more accessible.

Cognitive Disability Profile

Designed to support people who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, Autism or CVA, this profile highlights the key areas of the site to assist with reading and focus. Headings and buttons will be displayed in boxes so it’s clearer to see the key items on the page.

ADHD Friendly Profile

This profile can be used to reduce distractions on the website and help make it easier to focus throughout the site. This includes a reading mask bar which highlights the section of the page the user scrolls over, whilst adding a darker filter over the remaining page. This setting is best used on a desktop computer or laptop to benefit from all of its support features.

Blind Users Profile

To ensure each webpage is compatible with screen-reader technology, this profile can be selected. Make sure you have a screen-reader technology system installed on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile to use this feature.

Keyboard Navigation Profile

For visitors that are motor-impaired, this profile ensures that keyboard functions can be used across the website, to navigate through page by using the tab, shift and enter keys.


Making small but impactful adjustments

If you don’t need any of the pre-set profiles to navigate the site, you may still benefit from making a few adjustments to make it more comfortable to explore our website and job vacancies.

Just some of the adjustments you can make to our site

  • Increase the font size, height between each line and spacing between the letters

  • Change the text colour

  • Use a magnifier over the text

  • Highlight any links on the page, so you can instantly see them

  • Adjust the colours on the site to make them darker, lighter or black and white

  • Hide the images, stop animations and mute sounds that may be distracting

  • Add a reading guide bar or mask to help you read the text

  • Increase the size of the mouse cursor

Have a look through the tool to discover the various options available.


Requesting additional support for your job interview

If you’re invited for a job interview after submitting your job application, then our team are always on hand to ensure any accommodations are made to support you on the day.

We know that it can often be worrying to not know enough details about the day itself – the building layout, ease of access, tasks you’ll be expected to complete. Share your questions in advance with our team and they’ll work with our client to ensure you have as much information as possible ahead of your interview. Leaving you plenty of time to prepare what you’ll say on the day.

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