Nzn Issue 22   Generating Low Carbon Energy From Waste

Generating low carbon energy from waste

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Generating low carbon energy from waste

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Energy from waste has provided an alternative to fossil fuels for centuries. The first waste-to-energy plant was recorded by Guinness World Records in Nottingham in 1874, when designer Stephen Fryer built an incinerator to burn items and generate electricity. Back then of course the invention wasn’t very sophisticated, and its high level of pollution made it inefficient. But it demonstrated even then that waste could be used to generate power.

Fast forward to this century and organisations are investing billions of pounds developing energy from waste technology that is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Looking at innovative ways to create low carbon energy from waste that can be diverted from landfill, whilst providing a clean and hygienic service for residents.

Creating energy from waste

Energy from waste, waste-to-energy, energy recovery, you may see it referred to in slightly different ways but fundamentally it’s about using waste material to generate electricity, heat, and power. If we cast our minds back to the classroom, we were taught that when combustible materials are combined with a heat source it ignites a fire. This burning in turn generates heat, and that heat can be converted to energy.

For an energy from waste facility to produce power, water is heated by the hot gases generated from burning waste. This heating process generates steam, which typically drives a turbine to generate electricity. An essential component of this process is a cooling system, which condenses the exhaust steam from the turbine back into water. Subsequently, this condensed water is pumped back to the boiler to be reused in the energy recovery cycle.

By incinerating waste that can't be recycled, these facilities not only reduce our reliance on finite fossil fuels but also champion progressive waste management techniques that create low carbon energy in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

The main advantage of energy from waste is that it diverts waste from landfill. Refuse companies and local councils typically separate as much material that can be recycled as possible for onward processing, but what’s left still needs disposing of. Instead of sending this to landfill the remaining materials can be fed into an incinerator to burn and start the energy from waste process. The result? Electricity that can be distributed to the grid and thermal energy that can be utilised in district heating systems.

Did you know?

A new 70MW Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is under construction in north London on Edmonton EcoPark. NRL’s project team are partnering with building contractor ACCIONA to manage a talent pool for construction roles on the project.

Sub-contractors operating across the various work packages will use the talent pool when they need supplementary workers – with roles expected to include Riggers, Erectors, Pipefitters, Mechanical Fitters, Platers, Welders, Scaffolders and Thermal Insulators.

More information about the new Energy Recovery Facility as well as the construction talent pool can be found on our dedicated website:


The latest net zero roles from NRL

Below you’ll find some of the latest job opportunities we have to join the net zero energy transition:


Hartlepool, Permanent, £60,000 per annum + benefits

NRL are pleased to be working alongside a world class provider of subsea technologies and services to recruit for a Project Manager based in their facility in Hartlepool. With a further facility in Blyth currently in construction, our client’s goal is to support the delivery of the energy shift system needed for governments and society to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Middlesborough, Contract

We're currently recruiting for a project based in Teesside. General industrial electrical work- assisting with Unistrut, containment, light fittings & cabling. Involves height work of up to 40m on a large steel structure.


Leeds, Contract

NRL are on the lookout to recruit aPiping Supervisor to work on a short-term contract in Leeds start ASAP with the possibility of moving to another project based in Birmingham. You will need proven experience supervising a team of Pipefitters, ensuring all activities on site are adhered to.


Edinburgh, Permanent

NRL are seeking to recruit an EC&I Engineer to join our client's team on a full-time permanent basis, where they will be responsible for the mechanical and electrical services installation on projects from design through to Smart Landings.


UK-wide, Permanent

Our client is looking for a Chief Environmental Engineer to form the core of a newly created environmental team, where they will work primarily on supporting onshore projects through their complex planning and consenting process, and offshore projects as required supporting clients across the UK, providing environmental engineering expertise.

Looking for more roles?

To view more renewable job opportunities, please click the link below:



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