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Case Study: Health Physics

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Case Study: Health Physics

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

​NRL's Egremont team delivered a diverse recruitment solution to address a skills shortage and crucial fill Health Physics Monitor roles.

A specialist skills shortage challenge

Doosan approached NRL in 2012, with concerns that their staffing partner at the time was significantly underperforming on the delivery of VERT health physics personnel.

On review, the project had a number of noteworthy challenges including UK-wide skill shortages, an ageing nuclear talent pool and attrition between outages.

A diverse solution to identify transferrable skills

Having completed detailed market intelligence it became that monitors from an ex-forces background (i.e. Royal Navy Submariners) had the relevant discipline, precision, teamwork and ability to perform under pressure that was required to success in an outage environment. The only reason these workers had previously been overlooked was their lack of nuclear clearance and SQEP, a service NRL were able to offer through our specialist in-house nuclear compliance team.

NRL then set about launching an innovative recruitment strategy that focussed on attracting talent from a pool of ex-Royal Navy health physics personnel, followed by a two-stage assessment procedure, nuclear SQEP process and the introduction of inter-outage retainers.

A valuable partnership

This resource partnership has now been going strong for many years, with EDF issuing over 20 exceptional plaudits - specifically drawing reference to the quality of health physics personnel.

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