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Why an apprenticeship is a great career choice

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Why an apprenticeship is a great career choice

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, it’s important to consider whether an apprenticeship could be a good way for you to learn new skills and secure future work. Typically, an apprenticeship is designed for people to gain practical, hands-on training to help start them off down their chosen career path.

We take a look at the many advantages of undertaking an apprenticeship.

A broad choice of disciplines

One of the main advantages of apprenticeships is the wide range of skills covered by the training courses. Apprenticeship schemes are available for around 1,500 job roles across over 170 industries - which will only grow as industries seek to attract and maintain new talent. So, whether you’re considering how to kick start your career, or seeking a career change, it’s worth exploring the courses and opportunities available through the apprenticeship scheme.


Learning as you go

Apprenticeships are designed to provide the ideal balance between studying to gain a qualification and applying this knowledge in the workplace. Your allocated time is split into two parts, 80% practical work at your workplace and 20% dedicated to sole study – which could be at the local college or with an online training provider. Most of your time is spent learning on the job, whilst effectively incorporating your study time to closely align it with your day-to-day responsibilities. The business you join will work you with to plan out how your apprenticeship can be best managed, giving you the ample opportunity to putting your new skills into practice.

Gaining underlying skills

With an apprenticeship, you can expect to gain professional knowledge, qualifications, and experience to allow you to progress in your chosen field. However, you’ll also gain additional underlying skills as you work alongside your qualification, that can benefit your entire working career.

Communication and people skills

Your ability to adapt to new working environments will develop as you progress through your apprenticeship. As you learn, you’re likely to work in a team and interact with lots of different people. This will help to develop your communication and people skills, as you discover the best way to manage requests from other people and how best to work together with colleagues to achieve deadlines.


Relationship building skills

While progressing through your apprenticeship you’ll gain valuable interaction with your team and colleagues, helping you to build professional relationships that could last throughout your entire career. These relationships can offer advice, guidance, and even potential job opportunities in the future. Be sure to engage with your colleagues as much as possible and connect with them on platforms such as LinkedIn.


Time and project management skills

As you undertake your day-to-day responsibilities, you’ll often find the tasks you’re asked to complete are part of a much bigger process or project plan. As you begin to understand the impact any delays could have, you’ll gain valuable time management skills. These will provide the foundation skills to help you learn to prioritise your work requests and ensure all tasks are completed on time.


Finding your first apprenticeship

If you’d like to explore what apprenticeship courses and opportunities are available in your area, then make sure you visit the Government’s apprenticeship website. You’ll be asked what type of apprentice you’re interested in, with options including business, administration, construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

To see the latest roles, it’s also a good idea to follow any local businesses you’d like to work for on social media, as they’ll often advertise when they open recruitment to take on new apprentices.

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