What Jobs Are Available For Remote Work

What jobs are available for remote work?

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What jobs are available for remote work?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Marketing Team

Some experts say the global pandemic pressed fast-forward on introducing many advances in the workplace, and that is certainly the case for remote working.

Before COVID-19 changed the world of work, we may have known a few people in our network who worked from home, whether that was fully remote working or a set number of days a week. But most people we tended to interact with were usually based in the office. Over recent years however remote working has become increasingly popular, allowing people to apply for roles for remote work they can do anywhere.

With it looking like remote jobs are here to stay as workers report a positive boost to their work life balance and a preference for working from home, we take a look at what roles could provide remote work opportunities - and answer the questions you may have.


How do remote jobs work?

This often depends on the company you’re joining, some roles may be permanent working from home roles that do not require you to visit their offices at any point, and some may wish you to attend face-to-face meetings and plan office days occasionally to connect with other remote team members and colleagues in the business.

When you’re applying for remote jobs be sure to ask for more information about how it will work during the application process, so you can check you’re happy with the balance. It’s also a good idea to have an understanding of how your travel to and from the office would be managed if your contract states your place of employment is at home. Check through your contract when you receive it, ensuring it matches what you verbally agreed during the recruitment process. You may be able to claim travel costs on expenses, but you’ll need to make sure before you accept the remote job, to avoid any potential misunderstanding.

Once in the post, you can expect to spend your home working day between video meetings and work tasks, with the autonomy to manage your own workload against pre-determined objectives and deliverables. Expect regular catch-ups with your line manager as well, as they work with their remote teams to ensure they have the support needed to manage their workload.


What remote jobs can I do?

The types of opportunities that will be available to you will very much depend on your skillset and previous experience. It goes without saying that if you’re involved in the physical delivery of work, such as working in an electrical or maintenance trade role, then you’re unlikely to be able to work from home.

Where your skills are not directly needed on site however, roles may be advertised as remote working - or you may be able to have that conversation with your Recruitment Consultant where the company is happy to accommodate remote working.

Typical roles that can be suited for remote workers include finance, analysis, project, and commercial support - to name just a few.


What remote jobs are hiring now?

Each day hundreds of new jobs are posted online, with NRL’s own busy recruitment team adding new vacancies to our website each day. It’s a good idea therefore to set aside some time every few days to check for new jobs - and make sure you’re registered with the right recruitment agencies to hear about new roles when they are released.

You can see the latest remote work opportunities NRL is supporting clients to find skilled candidates for, by heading to our job search.



Hybrid working in the UK

If you don’t necessarily want to look for full time remote jobs, but are keen to add some flexible working into your week, then a hybrid role could be a good option.

When organisations across the UK began to return to the office when lockdown restrictions eased, many companies introduced a more hybrid way of working - allowing colleagues to work both in traditional offices and in their home offices from the comfort of their house.

For those people who benefit from being in an office setting on a part time basis, whilst still continuing to work from home, a hybrid role could be a great career move.

Arrangements tend to vary, with organisations spending a considerable amount of time exploring the best arrangement that works for both employees and employers, every business’ approach to hybrid working is different. So it’s crucial to find out more about this option when you interview for roles.


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